Terms & Conditions


Quotations for website development, design, consultations and printing are free on request.

Any prices quoted exclude VAT at the current rate which will be charged, where applicable, on completion of the job. (VAT No. 536 6403 45).

Commissioning Work

A written order is required for each job before any work can commence (e-mail or hard copy).


Printed Material

Design, Artwork and Consultancy time is charged @ £65.00/hr (plus VAT at the current rate).
Unless otherwise agreed the minimum charge per job is £32.50 (.5hr work).
Discounts can be negotiated for bulk or ongoing work, please ask for details.


Websites – charged on an individual basis

Charges commence at around £850 and increase from there dependent on individual requirements. This base set-up fee includes initial briefing, some design and development time in order to agree the structure of the site. Each website is charged on an individual basis based on the content.

An average responsive/CMS brochure site costs from £1350 – £2,500. Directory, e-commerce or specialist sites requiring users log-in, etc can cost substantially more dependent on several factors including number of products on the site or amount of custom coding required.

All supportive work is charged as extra, see below.*
An accurate quotation can be provided further to a complete brief.

Website charges include:-

  • Initial briefing, design work and development of the structure
  • A reasonable amount of changes and corrections
  • Help setting up web hosting accounts and emails if required.
  • Help with Google keywords, tracking code, sitemap submission to Google Indexing and submission to other search engines.
  • Assumed usage of supplied high quality images and final proofed text, both supplied digitally.
  • Coded to current web standards (but we obviously cannot ensure that the site retains this standard if it is maintained elsewhere)

Charges DO NOT include any supportive work, these will be charged as extra. Work such as:-

  • Creation of any company branding (ie logos)
  • Writing / editing finished copy or ‘starter’ copy (text which is written as a general guideline to intended textual content but requires further improvement for use as final copy).
  • Special Pages such as forms.
  • Adding an e-commerce facility
  • Interactive on-page image enlargement.
  • Any images (or animations) which may need to be created, sourced, or manipulated in Adobe Photoshop (or other specialist software). Most images take around .25hr (£16.25) to be retouched, sharpened, brightened, etc. Montaged images / web animations take longer, and the cost is dependent on various factors including time required, how many images are used, and the final size.
  • Photography or sourcing Stock Library images.
  • Scanning photographs or images

Proofing and Signing off Artwork

Final proofreading/authors corrections are the responsibility of the client, KC Graphics holds NO responsibility for the final content and wording.

We require a final sign off in writing (e-mail or hard copy) before any job can be sent to print or uploaded live to the internet.


Full payment is due within 14 days of invoice unless agreed otherwise.
We expect prompt payment. We prefer internet payment / BACS / Wire Transfer if possible. We also accept payments via Paypal but may charge comission.

We are currently still accepting cheques from UK banks, but these need to be sent early in order to be banked and cleared by the due date.

We now offer monthly payment terms for websites, hosting and maintenance for sites we have developed , please ask for details.

NB. All final press-ready pdf artwork is the property of the client and, on full payment, is available digitally.  Files used to create the final document are property of KCG.  Final artwork is archived for a period of 1 year and can be requested at any point.  Retrieving artwork from archives will incur a search fee of £65.00.