How we work

First Contact

Every company has its own working methods.  At KC Graphics we have a similar work process for both web and print projects. It works for us and seems to keep things simple for our clients.

New clients, for us, generally come via word of mouth or through our website. Initially, we would want to have an audio or video call.  There are several reasons for this:

  1.  We like to get a feel for the project
  2. We like to get to know a bit about them and their company
  3. We can quickly get an idea of their likes and dislikes
  4. We can discuss what they expect from both us, and the project outcome
  5. They can ask us questions and find out what they can expect from us

Communication is everything, from the first conversation to the last.

We want to do a good job, we can’t do that without you


The brief

Some clients want to hand the whole responsibility of their project over to us.  That is fine if you can provide an amazing brief plus good ready-to-go assets like text and images.  Unfortunately, most can’t.  Remember, no one knows your business and what you do as well as you do.  This means as busy as you may be, this is your project and your business you are investing money into trying to promote. Make no mistake, we will need some of your time, input, feedback, and communication if the project is to be successful.  Consistent, ongoing communication, makes the whole project run smoother and makes for a better outcome.

Commencing work

Once we have discussed and agreed on the project parameters, scheduling, etc. and feel we can work together, we will usually set up a Dropbox folder where you can place the project assets such as text, images, and other relevant info or instructions. That way we all have access to everything.

For clients, we have not worked with before we will request a deposit upfront. Once that payment has been made we will start work and keep you informed as we progress.

Our full terms are here.

When you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen.